Water Bottles

Another change we are making in order to go green…reusable water bottles.  Better for the planet, better for your health, and better for the wallet than the plastic throw-away bottles.  Joe actually requested this change several years ago after reading about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  We have a stash of free water bottles that we’ve accumulated over the years, but I think it is time to invest in some really good ones.  Here are a few examples I found on Pinterest:

One…Vapur Foldable Anti-bottle

Two…Not on the High Street Stainless Steel Bottle

Three…Recycled Glass Water Bottle

Four…OpenSky Bamboo Bottle

Five…BKR Glass + Silicone Bottle

P.S.  I am picky about my water bottle tops.  I’m usually drinking out of a water bottle in the midst of exercising, so I prefer a squeeze cap to a screw on cap…when I drink out of those I end up dumping all the water down my shirt.

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