The Weekend Changes


Do you love this image of hanging strawberries as much as I do?  I think strawberries are on my mind…yesterday I made three batches of strawberry freezer jam and slathered it all over homemade rolls for dinner last night.  I love strawberry season!

Our weekend plans center entirely around yardwork!  For my birthday and Mother’s Day, Courtnee and Geoff asked me to make them a list of tasks I need done in the yard, and then offered to spend an entire day working on them.  Gifts of service are my favorite kinds of gifts.  The rest of us are going to pitch in and help as there is no way two people could complete my list…I’m not sure that 7 of us will be able to.  We will be pruning and weeding and tilling and planting and trimming and mowing and raking and bagging most of Saturday.  Then Sunday we will rest.

Today I’m taking Lainey on a long overdue shopping trip for some warm weather clothes and a new dress for her 8th grade promotion.  I love mother-daughter shopping trips.  Right now, though,  I’m getting ready for a trip to the nursery to stock up on plants, but not before I leave you with a few lovely changes:

Recycling Nirvana…Shipping Containers to Container Homes.

Jumpstart your Personal Creativity.

A Caprese Burger…I love the salad; can’t wait to try the burger!

Upcycle a Bubble Mailer to an Ipad Case.

Retail Therapy that Makes a Difference…more ideas here.

Design Mom’s brilliant new venture, Olive Us.

Magic Mormon Underwear…respectful and well done, via C.Jane.

Warmer weather means Homemade Yogurt Pops.

A lovely Graduation Gift.

Inspiration…How to Miss a Childhood and A Hands-Free Summer; both are must-reads for parents!

As I finish typing this, it is pouring rain outside.  I’m pretty sure my girls have been praying hard for rain since I informed them that we would be doing yard work on Saturday.  I hope the weather cooperates for our weekend plans…and for yours.  Have a great one!


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