The Weekend Changes


Wow…what a week!  So sorry for the lack of posts.  I have literally spent the entire week sick in bed.  I did manage to make it to my daughter’s high school graduation and our little celebration before was quite lovely thanks to my husband who bought all the supplies and my sister who helped put it all together.  The timing of this illness could not have been worse and I missed some important events this week that I’m still so sad about.  This week’s changes were bad!

But life marches on and tomorrow we are leaving on vacation, so I’m rallying and moving ahead.  But not before I leave you with some changes to enjoy:

DIY Upcycled Watering Jug.

Cupcake Flower Lights…so fun!

Stars and Stripes.

Spring Vegetable Soup…about the only thing I want to eat right now.

Summer Dresses in Otter Pop Colors!

Fun Table Settings for summer picnics.

Inspiration…Billion Clicks.

Have a wonderful weekend full of lovely changes!  I will be posting next week, but we sure and check my Facebook Page and Tweets for vacation updates.

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