Doing Disneyland–RideMax

One thing we always carry with us when we visit Disneyland is this book.  It has made our visits so much easier!  Instead of wasting time in lines and wondering where to go and what to do next, we follow the suggested schedule and have always been happy with the results.  We aren’t rigid about it though, and sometimes we will knock off early for a swim and nap at the hotel.

Besides great schedule suggestions, this book also has a lot of great inside tips on things like restaurants, stroller rental, and souvenir ideas.  There are descriptions and ratings for all of the rides, as well as the shows and other attractions.  It even includes a list of when large conventions and amounts of people will be in town so you know what dates to avoid.

This time around, though, we are going to give the RideMax system a try.  Joe is super excited about it and hoping it will be an easy and convenient way to plan our Disneyland time.

Are there any other great planning tools for Disneyland vacations?  Let me know if there is something you love.

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