A few years ago, our family spent a couple of weeks vacationing in the Pacific Northwest…Victoria, B.C. and Washington.  It was one of our favorite trips ever and one we often long to repeat.  While we were there, Joe and I left the girls for a few hours of alone time and visited a couple of lavender farms.  One farm had a restaurant where we ate lunch…lavender lemonade, lavender dressing on the salad, and lavender in the dinner rolls that were baked in terra cotta pots.  As soon as we returned home, I had a lavender plant in the ground and we have enjoyed it ever since.

But we definitely have not taken full advantage of our lovely lavender.  I often snip pieces to bring inside and use while they are fresh, but that is about as adventurous as I’ve gotten with our lavender.  This year though, I’m going to attempt  making sachets and soaps with dried lavender.  I’ve never dried it before, so I’m following these instructions and crossing my fingers that it will work.

Last night, after the bees had calmed down a bit, I cut a big bucket full of lavender…make sure you cut it just above the leaves.  I was grabbing handfuls and then cutting, so there are a few leaves in mine:

After cutting, the lavender needs to be gathered into small bundles and tied together.  The instructions I used suggested wrapping the stems together with rubber bands…good thing I have girls who go through about a bag of small rubber bands every week.  What a great project!  I sat outside on my wooden swing as the sun was setting and immersed myself in lavender stems.

After they were all wrapped, I hung them in the garage from the tines of a rake to dry…too dark and too messy for photos.  But let’s pretend it looks like this:

dry lavender in Yule love it Lavender farmImage at Yule Love it Lavender

Now I will leave it for a week or so and harvest the dried lavender.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Maybe I can learn how to make my own lavender soda, which is actually quite delicious.

DRY Lavender Soda

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