The Weekend Changes


Welcome to summer!  It is so hot here…especially after spending a few days in the mountains where the temperatures were a bit cooler.  (I hoped to share lots of photos on twitter while we were gone, but my phone is not working great.  I envy you Iphone users terribly!)  It was lovely to get away with Joe for a few days.  We didn’t spend as much time connecting with nature as I’d planned, but lots of great time connecting with each other…totally relaxing and rejuvenating.  One of our favorite things to do is sit side by side reading separate things, but sharing and discussing with each other.  I’m pretty sure we will never get tired of doing this.

We are back home now and our girls just got back from camp.  They are dirty and tired, but full of stories and enthusiasm from all of their experiences.  My sister and her husband are on their way to Utah from California and they are stopping by tonight for pizza and a visit.  So excited to see them and kiss all over their little ones that I rarely see.

I’m hoping to do a few projects for the 4th of July this weekend.  Here are some things inspiring me…

Painted American Flag, Pottery Barn Style.

4th of July Cake.

Raspberry Lemonade Smoothies…perfect for an ultra hot 4th.

Watermelon + Feta Flag.

Stars & Stripes with Paint Chips.

Perfect Patriotic Sandals.

Inspiration…the Years are Short.

More great 4th of July ideas here.  Enjoy your weekend…do something cool.

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