Book of Mormon Girl and Me

Image via Design Mom

I just finished reading Joanna Brook’s Book of Mormon Girl.  I love Joanna Brooks, but I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to read her book.  I knew it might open up some pieces of my soul that I’ve tried to bury and beat into submission over the years.  It did, and I’m grateful.

I am also a Mormon, and like Joanna, I often struggle with issues of culture, doctrine, social justice, imperfection and how these issues and so many more integrate with the idea of a loving God.  Joanna is only a couple of years younger than me and our childhood experiences were very similar.  So were our experiences at BYU…same time period, same professors, same major, same feminist slant to our studies.  I get her, and I know she would get me.

Book of Mormon girl resonates with the theme of belonging, something I have longed for my entire life…a sense of belonging to a culture, an ethnic group, organizations, groups, families, towns.  Thank you, Joanna, for reminding me that I do belong, and so does everyone else.  It makes for a much more full and interesting life…and eternity.

Joanna Brooks’ blog, Ask Mormon Girl.

Joanna Brooks and John Stewart, Part 1 and Part 2.

Joanna Brooks and Design Mom.


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