The Weekend Changes

Image and Print by Romawinkel at Etsy

Happy, happy weekend!  I love early Sunday mornings…watching the sun rise with a cup of peppermint tea and this book.  Yesterday was a bit of a disaster.  Joe and I were hanging a photo gallery in the dining room, and we managed to punch a nail through a copper water pipe.  Thank goodness I could hear the water spurting out behind the wall and we were able to turn off the water main before any major damage happened.  This was our first experience with plumbing issues so Joe immediately researched the internet, called his dad, and left for parts at Home Depot.  After a few hours the pipe was fixed and now we have a hole in our wall instead of a photo gallery.  I’m thinking about putting a frame around it to see if it blends in with the rest of the gallery…

On the schedule today, church, a birthday dinner for Joe, and other Sabbath activities.  I’m going to try and sneak in a walk with the dogs this morning, but not before I leave you with a few changes:

A Chevron Wall Painting…would be fun to do over an old print, too.

Money as You Grow.

A beautiful Paint Chip Chandelier…thinking this would be fun for my daughter’s college apartment.

For Breaking Bad fans, A Wooly Walter White.

Pistachio Fudge looks amazing…fun for Christmas with a few craisins added.

Inspiration…25 Things I Want My Daughter to Know, and the poster here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…I hope you will meet me back here tomorrow.


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