Simple Changes no. 5

Tree Guardians by Threadweavle

Do you love this image as much as I do?  The lighting, the contrast, the sheep…they are all amazing!  Wouldn’t it be fantastic as a large canvas hanging above a bed?  I can imagine lazy afternoons gazing at those sheep and naming each one…and then forgetting all their names and getting to rename them again and again.

I’m sorry there were no simple changes posted last week.  Hopefully the extra week gave you time to knock out an extra two or three.  I was in southern Utah enjoying the sun and by the time I got back the week was almost over.  So this weeks list will be a bit longer because I’ve found so many great ideas to share.

It’s a new week…are you ready for some simple changes?

Turn your Instagram images into Stickygrams…great gift idea!

Take the 21-day challenge…we are working on this here which means I’m constantly nagging everyone to put their phones away.

Give your Office Tacks a Springtime Makeover…another fun gift idea.

Adopt a Minimalist Mentality via Design Mom.

Paint some Sticks…endless possibilities for any age.

Add style and organization with Washi Tape Cords.

Welcome your guests with Coat Hangers.

Make the easiest garland ever! A DIY Knotted Rope Garland.

Update your plain white tennis shoes to Amazing Oxfords.

Catch some rays with this beautiful DIY Sun Catcher.

Try this grown up version of Green Eggs & Ham…Green Egg Skillet Bake.  I made this for Sunday breakfast and it was a hit with the grownups.

If you missed this post, go directly to it and click on the link to Brené Brown’s Ted talk.  It is life-changing!


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